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I’ve been honored to utilize the insightful experience of Cary Vogel since the early 1990s. I’m an avid admirer of designers featured in journals like Architectural Digest. Having no idea if Cary’s work has ever appeared in AD, I can attest his talent is equal and often exceeds those featured. He’s able to envelope his clients’ tastes in an inventive, forward way that is often astonishing. There is no designer I could recommend more. He’s done many projects for me, both residential and business.

Cary Vogel is an amazing designer, professional, and simply a pleasure to have him lead a project. Most importantly, he listened to what my goals were, sought out ideas of what I l liked and disliked, and developed a perfect plan. Cary was able to take very nice property and transform it into a knockout showpiece. Cary is an excellent communicator and very organized, combined with being a savant with color and space. My advice, give cary some input and direct, then get out of his way and let him work his magic.

Prior to Cary Vogel, I had never hired someone to do such a comprehensive overhaul of my entire home. Cary did such a perfect and amazing job. Two years later, I still have a huge smile on my face when I walk into my home. Early in the process, we spent a few hours over several weeks going through my likes and dislikes, and then I set Cary free. Somehow in that span of time, he managed to figure out the exact home of my dreams. I’m getting ready to purchase a new house and already told Cary that he will have to put up with me again! I absolutely adore Cary and the work that he did on my home.

We hired Cary to furnish our new home in The Ridges area of Summerlin and we could not be more pleased with the design process and result. We were new to Las Vegas and reached out to several top designers in the area. After our initial meeting with Cary, we knew he was the right person for our project. We hired Cary to assist with certain design decisions as we worked with the builder (including paint, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc.) and to furnish our entire 4,700 square foot home.

We hired Interiors by Cary Vogel in December 2014 to renovate our Condo in One Queensridge Place. We wanted to add color, window treatments, furniture, and lighting fixtures. Cary was able to take my ideas and present options to create a space that feels warm, elegant, and just exactly what we have had in mind. I have worked with several Designers, but Cary made the experience interesting and fun. He presented me with options, and more options if needed. The people he works with are also first class, and so professional. If you want your home to be a reflection of your taste, call Cary.

Cary is absolutely fabulous. He’s professional, friendly, extremely organized, knows his job inside and out. Hired on a past interior design project of a 5,800 Sq. Ft. Condo and have hired him again for a second time to decorate our new purchase of a 15,000 Sq. Ft. Condo. He allows you to work with him side by side in the process if that’s what you like giving him your ideas of what you like and he does his best to incorporate them. He knows soooo many people, trades in the industry of construction and remodeling. Has an exceptional eye for detail, color, texture, matching, etc. He comes highly recommended for sure! Very, very pleased with his work.

Another job well done! Cary Vogel is an amazing designer. I feel so blessed to work with him. He is gifted, unique in creativity but maintains the client’s desired tastes. After 20+ years of creating art glass for his spaces he still manages to blow my mind. He is a joy to work with and clients love him, stay loyal to him and I totally understand why.

I don’t think you need us to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you and Lance! You have taken a house and turned it into a beautiful, warm home. The amount of time and caring you put in to it is far beyond our expectations. People want their home to be a reflection of themselves and you have done an amazing job in fitting the decor to us. We wanted a home that was both stunning and practical and you have given us more than we could have dreamed. Your talent and skill suited us so well. You had the unique ability to transform rooms with some items we had gotten from you earlier and add what was necessary to complete your visions. Every time I walk in, I can’t help but admire what you have done. It has been a pleasure to deal with both you and Lance and we look forward to continuing our work together!!! You know we feel you are family, and we are so proud to tell everyone who created our dream.

Cary has worked with us on two homes and is currently completing our third. He is very committed to his clients and his ideas are so outstanding, that he seems to have a sixth sense about his clients’ needs. We have given him our complete trust and have always loved the results. Cary has worked within our budget, for which we are grateful. Last but not least, Cary has always been easy to work with in the midst of high stress. His calming and cheerful personality has made all the difference in the world.

I have moved five times in the last ten years (N. California, Palm Desert & Las Vegas) and Cary has done all five homes. My latest home in San Diego, Cary was not available when I first moved in and I tried 3 other very well known designers only to be disappointed. None of them have what I call “the Cary Touch”! He’s truly amazing, cost conscious, and gives you the wow factor. He pays attention to what I like and gets to know me and creates a home for my tastes. After 2 years in my home, I am happy to say, we are finally getting the “Cary Touch” in my San Diego home. It just doesn’t feel like home until Cary has completed it. If I ever move again, I would only call Cary for my home interior designs.

My name is Elaine Klain and I am also speaking for my husband Elliott. We first met Cary in the early 90’s and since that time not only is Cary our designer, but he and Lance are our dearest friends and we are family to each other. When I thought about what to say about our professional relationship with Cary I thought I would find it hard to put his genious to words. I believe that the best way to describe Cary’s talent is to say that he made our vision for our home a reality. I told him how I wanted our home to look and I also described the feeling Elliott and I wanted to have for ourselves and our family and friends. I have to say that he made our idea of what we wanted a beautiful reality. He also participated in a complete makeover of the outside both front and back. Every time we leave the house and we come back we really gasp at the beauty of it. Everyone that comes over gives us glowing comments and it never would have happened without our dear Cary. I would say that if you work with him it will be a wonderful experience because he is so much fun to work with and he is very respectful of his clients wishes. Working with Cary Vogel will be one of the best decissions of your life if you want your home to be an expression of you.

It is with great pleasure & big smiles that we thank Interior Designer and friend, Cary Vogel. In each of our residences, a sense of true beauty and comfort were created … all with nothing more than conversing of what our style was … one year it could be modern, the next traditional and then a mountain retreat … accomplishing this and making it ours was the beauty of the whole experience … his sense of design was truly one made very individual and personal for us … wow … the end results were always ones that brought tears to my eyes! Cary is truly amazing … achieving much more than our expectations! We sincerely thank him … to this very day!

My Darling Cary, I was up all night walking around & just admiring my BEAUTIFUL home that YOU are creating. Cary, no words can express my feelings for you as a person & as an artist. You are truly one of a kind, & we are blessed to have you & Lance in our lives. Thank you, Thank you for all you do & who you are.

My wife and I recently completed a redecoration / remodel of our penthouse condominium. The scope of work included paint, electrical and millwork / carpentry in addition to drapes, new and recovered furnishings, carpets and accessories. We selected Cary Vogel as our designer based on a strong recommendation from a friend. As it turns out, we not only hired a designer but I believe we also received a general contractor as part of the deal. Not only was Cary involved with all design selections, he also supervised the painters, carpenters, electricians and other subcontractors.

When my wife first suggested that we redecorate our home, my response was “Why”. In reality, I liked our home and I knew the process was likely going to be frustrating. Being in the real estate and construction business for 30 plus years, I have been exposed to several frustrations dealing with designers. From my personal experience, I found designers tend to decorate for their personal tastes rather than the taste of their clients.

Cary Vogel proved me completely wrong. He is not your typical designer. Cary truly listened to the design and feel that matched our life style. Unlike most designers, Cary did not immediately walk in and throw out everything in our home. He saved a large number of our furnishings by recovering with new fabric and simply repositioning items within our home. Where our existing furnishing did not fill the voids, he located new furniture, carpets and accessories as needed. And more importantly, the final product was truly amazing and reflection of what we could only dream for.

Cary has many strengths, but his ability to blend colors, fabrics and patterns is truly amazing. He suggested combinations my wife and I would have never considered, and his suggestions were absolutely perfect. And, in the rare case where our personal taste deviated from Cary’s initial suggestion, he embraced our opinions and made them even better. Cary appeared to work with the motto of how can I make my client completely happy. He did everything imaginable to have the job turn out perfect in every detail. Cary truly wants a happy client at the end of the project.

Lastly, for all the husbands that our saying, “but, he probably went way over budget”. Cary initially provided us with a detailed cost estimate and estimated time to complete the project. At the end of the day, he was amazingly close to his cost and time estimates. For me, no surprises in a project are a good thing.

Cary Vogel is truly a unique and talented designer. He is easy to work with and he simply makes the project fun and enjoyable. If I were interviewing Cary for design services, my biggest concern would be whether Cary has time for my project and whether he would accept me as a client. He is simply that good.

If you have any additional questions, or if I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I just want to take a moment to write a quick note of appreciation for your “above and beyond” kindness and support during my recent illness. While we were worrying about my health you were quietly taking care of shifting schedules, furniture storage, vendor and contractor coordination, and all of the other details that come with an unexpected suspension in a remodel project. Thanks to you it is all coming together beautifully, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you are reading this letter you are probably considering Cary Vogel for our interior design work. We hope sharing highlights of the experience we have had since the first time we hired Cary will help facilitate your decision.

Ten years ago we decided to build a new home. Our builder, Scott Blaser, recommended Cary Vogel as an interior designer. It was Scott’s observation that Cary gave more than 100% to his clients. Scott said we would get more than our money’s worth. That was an understatement.

We are both professionals with high expectations and distinct decorating preferences. We also knew that we wanted a new look, contemporary but warm. Cary gave us the look we wanted and also respected our personal treasures.

We began with Cary presenting a palette to us with colors, fabrics, surfaces, etc. We liked these, but expressed that we would like some other choices. By then, he knew us better, and his second palette was perfect. Cary was a total professional. He communicated with us continually as pieces came in and came up with colors and combinations that still are thrilling, beautiful and timeless.
We picked out many things with Cary’s help, including marble, granite, carpet, paint, lighting, bath fixtures, cabinets, finishes and relied heavily on his suggestions. Our excursions together were always fun and exciting. Because our home was being built, as furniture came in it was stored at a warehouse, but we could still see it. Cary took all the hassle out of the confirmation and delivery process and also found wonderful artisans to work on special touches like faux painting. It took one year to plan and one year to build our home. It was one of the happiest experiences we have had together, and we have remained close to both Scott Blaser, our wonderful builder and to Cary Vogel, our brilliant interior designer.

The final installation for our new home took place while we were driving home from Colorado. When we entered the house, we were overwhelmed. Flowers and fresh fruit were placed to welcome us into our new world! Our new furnishings were placed perfectly, paintings, pictures and photographs were hung and books placed artistically on the shelves. Laura cried in joy it was so beautiful! Cary had contracted Eugene Godine from Tiger Lily to do two spectacular dried arrangements for us and Chaz Passalaqua had faux-painted Laura’s favorite Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem at the top of a wall in our most charming upstairs bath.

It was and still is a wonderland to us-more beautifully done than we could have imagined. The friendship that we developed with Cary and his wonderful partner Lance has become a gift to us personally that is priceless. Through these many years, we have shared many wonderful times together and relished watching their enthusiasm for life and their love for each other. They both now run Cary’s business and their professionalism and talent are the foundation of their success. However, the icing on the cake is that contracting them not only means you will be working with a truly fine most knowledgeable decorator, but you will have the opportunity to get to know two of the finest human beings on the planet!